This Little Blog Is Gonna Have To Take a Backseat!

Y’all, we’ve had a busy fall. We have had a ball, but these two little girls have kept me on the road! With our buy schedule, this little blog has taken a backseat. I’d like to be able to tell you that I’ll do better about updating and posting more often, but the truth of the matter is that that probably won’t happen. These two sweet girls God has given me need my full attention. Homeschooling them is a BIG job. It’s a job that I love, no doubt, but it is demanding and time-consuming. If I am going to do all of the teaching, chauffeuring, socializing, Bible-studying, parenting, wife-ing, cleaning, cooking, laundering, bill-paying, organizing, decorating, sewing, reading, and whatnot that I also need to get done, the blog just won’t get as much attention. I will, for sure, check in when I can. But writing a new, insightful, powerful, creative, laughter-inspiring post five days each week? Ain’t gonna happen. Thank you for not stoning me for that decision! Love to you all!

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