Pitter Patter’s Fall Trees

We do lots of preschool art projects around our house. While Big Sister does her school work, little Pitter Patter gets to do school work of her own. Today, since the fall weather has been oh so fabulous, we had a little discussion about fall. We talked about cool weather, leaves changing colors, pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving. We thanked God for the cooler weather and how creative He is to think about seasons. And then we did a little art project. It was easy peasy, required absolutely no preparation, and it is something you could easily modify to use whatever supplies you have on hand.  We used construction paper, scissors, glue, and tissue paper.

We started by tracing Pitter Patter’s hand and arm onto brown construction paper to use as the trunk of our tree.

Next we tore squares of fall-ish colored tissue paper and crumpled them a bit.

Then we glued them onto our tree trunk.
Ta-da!! She’s so proud of her creation. And apparently our next lesson needs to be about how leaves grow, in fact, on the limbs of trees and not on the trunk.  That’s another lesson for another day.

I realize that this art project required absolutely no creativity. Any monkey could come up with something so simple. That’s not the point… or maybe it is. The thing is, kids just love for their parents to be involved with them. They want your full attention. They crave time with you when you are not distracted by cleaning or cooking or talking to someone else. They want YOU. If our children do not get the attention they need from us, they will look for it elsewhere. And “elsewhere” can provide a dangerous brand of attention. This simple are project is really less about the finished product and more about the fun we had creating it together. Come on, get involved with your children. You will both love it!


  1. Very cute idea!! Next time I have my nieces… they will have an art project to do!

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