Autumn Cooking: A Few Links

Although the weather is not really what you would call “fall-ish” in our town, we are in the mood for some cooler weather. We keep thinking that if we wear our fall clothes and cook fall foods that the weather will cooperate. So far, we’re just melting and eating a lot of heavy food!

But this weekend, I am determined to do a little autumn cooking, cool weather or no.

Here’s what I’m gonna make:

Chipotle Pumpkin Barley Soup with Chicken from Edie at Doesn’t that look DIVINE?!? Can’t wait to try it!

This San Francisco Sourdough Bread recipe that I got from We’re going to top it with this Pumpkin Apple Butter that came from the same site. I’m hoping the apple butter will be good enough to can a few jars.

I’m not sure we will need a dessert after eating the pumpkin apple butter, but why not go all out? Look at this Apple Spice Cake with Caramel Sauce from Oh, my! Can you go into some kind of sugar coma from eating a meal like this? Because I think  might.

I can’t wait to try these fabulous looking recipes. If the weather doesn’t cooperate any better than it has been, we might be sitting around in our swimsuits eating it all.

Please, call before you drop by.

Y’all have a good Tuesday!


  1. HAHA… I had to laugh at the next to last sentence because I would be the same way! lol Let me know how you like the recipes! I just might have to try them out!

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