The King’s Christmas List

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Our family has a Christmas tradition that we have kept every year since our oldest was just a toddler. We buy a new Christmas picture book to read each year on Christmas Eve, along with reading the Christmas story from the Bible. I was so excited when Thomas Nelson sent me a copy of The King’s Christmas List because I KNEW this would be the one we read this year.

It is the story of a little girl named Emma and her little dog Shu-Shu who are invited to the birthday/Christmas party of their King. They take a lovely cake to give him as a gift, and Emma wears her pretty, new Christmas shawl. Of course, they must take along Emma’s cherished bear CherryBear. While traveling to the party, they come across a grandmother and her grandson who are hungry and cold. Believing it to be the right thing to do, Emma gives them her beautiful shawl and the delicious cake she had brought for the King. A little further down the road, she meets a poor family whose little girl dropped accidentally her only toy into the river. Emma gives the little girl her precious CherryBear.

What will Emma and Shu-Shu now give the King for a birthday present? They arrive at the King’s party and realize that they are the only people there who thought to bring a gift. Everyone else is so busy giving gifts to each other that they forget the reason for the celebration – the birthday of the King! How does the King respond? You’ll have to buy the book to find out. Let’s just say that this sweet Christmas book will show children that the real joy of Christmas is not in receiving gifts, but in giving them.

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