PattyCake Goes to See Miss PattyCake

My girls LOVE Miss PattyCake. We have watched and listened to her since we had VHS and cassette tapes. They have grown up learning about God’s love and singing Miss PattyCake’s little praise songs.  We had the privilege of taking our little ones to see miss PattyCake live at her PattyCake Pajama Party last weekend. She was fabulous! She did about 45 minutes of PattyCake Praise, which was as much as little ones can sit for. Then we went downstairs to the fellowship hall of the church where she met with each little one for pictures and visiting. Even my timid little PattyCake sat on her lap and got her picture made with her namesake.
Jean Thomason has been doing Miss PattyCake for fifteen years. She began making up songs for her own children to teach them about God’s love. She was invited to a few MOPS groups. An
d thus began the life of Miss PattyCake, who has been blessing little ones and their parents for many years. My girls have learned so much from her ministry.
She was so kind and gracious in person – just like you would envision Miss PattyCake to be. She said that she didn’t know how long she would continue, but she will go as long as the Lord tells her to.
If you have never seen or heard of Miss PattyCake and you have little ones, you need to check out some of the DVDs on her website. Our favorites are Egg-Strava-Ganza, Treasure Chest Surprise, and Hullabaloo Zoo.  

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