Coming Full Circle (Or At Least Half-Circle. Or Something.)

Last weekend was a treat! I got to spend it with ten of my best high school girlfriends! I have been through two high school reunions in Dothan, Alabama, with these girls and we left each one saying, “We have GOT to get together. I can’t believe we haven’t gotten together in all these years!” You know, the usual chatter that almost never comes to pass. But Bloggies, we did it! We actually put a date on the calendar a year in advance and stuck to it. I am so impressed that we actually pulled it off! Go us!
Anyhoo, the trip was fabulous. We stayed at our friend’s beach house where we used to hang out growing up. It was nostalgic and loaded with memories. We caught up with where we are in life now and told all about our families. We made our way over to a FABULOUS restaurant in Alys Beach called Calize. Of course, the food was to die for, but the company was even better. It was incredible to hear about these ladies’ journeys over the last twenty years. Some of it was incredibly good, and some was heartbreaking, but they have all grown into the most amazing women! I am so privileged to have them as my friends and confidants and counselors and fun-makers and story-tellers and girls that I get to do life with! I sooo wish I get to see them all more often, but I will take what I can get.
After a nice, casual, beautiful, delicious dinner, we headed back to the beach house where we shared more of our life stories. Eventually the long trip caught up with us, and we all were ready for bed a about 10:30. We are old and it is sad. What can I say?
But we made up for it on Saturday as we all sat around on the beach telling old stories and laughing. The weather was beautiful, but it wouldn’t have mattered if it wasn’t. The water was gorgeous, but no one was paying attention. Normal people would have faced their chairs toward the ocean and the sun. We sat under umbrellas in a circle so we could see each other. And hear the stories. And laugh.

Of course, a trip like this is never long enough. Before we knew it, it was time to say good-bye and head back to reality (not that reality is all that bad; we just would have liked to stay longer.) I am so thankful to these ladies who made the sacrifice to be there. They each brought their own flavor and layer to the incredible group.
It was interesting to see how much we still have in common after twenty years. Our lives may seem different on the surface,but our core values and priorities are still the same. We are all trying to raise our children and build our marriages in the same way. Though we don’t see each other as often as we would like, we are still so inter-woven. I wouldn’t trade these girls for anything in the world!
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  1. Cool photo and love a girl's weekend gathering!


  2. Kimberly Merritt says

    Lovely post, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I think having a girl's weekend should be mandatory! (In fact, I think it's time I planned one of my own.)

  3. Love it! Just had a beach girls' weekend myself. Nothing is better!

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