Because I Know How Much You Love a List

1. Jonathan and Mary Anneliese are gone on a little Daddy/daughter date. They are at a Samford soccer game. He’s been waiting for the season to start so that they could do this. Precious!

2. Today I made a salad from lettuce (of course), shoe peg corn, black beans, a chicken breast covered in BBQ sauce, fresh cut cilantro, and homemade ranch dressing. I might eat it for lunch everyday next week. Cilantro is delightful in a salad.

3. I bought a new Nike sweatshirt at Academy Sports this week. I have worn it everyday since. It might be the best investment I have made in my wardrobe in years. It is the perfect fit and the perfect weight. And it was on sale. Maybe I should go pick up another one. 🙂

4. Jonathan is smoking baby back ribs tomorrow for our Labor Day meal. I am inappropriately excited about it.

5. I have been using The Message translation of the Bible for my Bible study lately. I know that translation purists (like me, sometimes) scorn The Message. After all, it was translated by one person as opposed to a team of scholars like most Bible translations. However, it reads so beautifully that I have really received a tremendous blessing by reading it. I think it definitely has a place in a balanced Bible study time.

That is all.

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