Same Kind of Different As Me Winner

Ashley Hill is the winner of the copy of Same Kind of Different As Me. Yea for Ashley! And no, I’m not giving the book to myself. I’m giving it to the Ashley Hill from Meridian, Mississippi. Oh wait – that could be me. I gave it to the Ashley Hill that used to be a drug rep. Oh wait – that could be me, too! It goes to the Ashley Hill at First Baptist Church. Wait – me again. The one that married the McDonald and Hill guy? Nope, that’s me, too.

Are you confused yet? So is most of the town of Meridian, Mississippi. You see, I married my husband there and lived there for thirteen years. Then we moved away. Then my husband’s cousin married a girl named Ashley, which made her name Ashley Hill. Our husbands both worked for the family business. She and I are both former drug reps. We all attended the same church. The name confusion has caused more than one issue. So to keep it all straight, I lovingly refer to her as “#2”. So, #2 has won the book. I’m happy for her to have it because I think she will LOVE it.


  1. Ashley Hill says

    Hahahahahaha! That was hilarious!

    Yay!! I won!!! Thanks, Ashley 🙂 I can't wait to read it!!!

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