Blueberry Crisp

After several trips to the blueberry farm this summer, we have lots of blueberries. Lots and LOTS of blueberries. Jonathan has been asking for a blueberry cobbler. I tried one recipe that just wasn’t quite up to snuff. Today, however, I hit the jackpot. Apparently, Martha Stewart was on the Today show a while back, and she made a yummy-looking blueberry crisp. I can now give testimony that this creation is DIVINE! HEAVENLY! So, so yummy! Since I followed her recipe to the letter, I’ll just direct you to the recipe here.
When you get it ready to go into the oven, it should resemble something like this.
And if you hold your mouth right, it will look a little like this when it comes out. It is not very bread-y. It is mostly blueberries and juice, with a little crumby, buttery, crunchy topping. Got it?
We ate our with two scoops of ice cream because… well, why wouldn’t you?
This is one of my favorite new recipes. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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