Viruses and Swimming and the Really Important Stuff

Well, this is a first. I am actually typing this entry, the entire thing, on my phone. Last night as I was doing some writing, my computer started acting cray-zee. About twenty error boxes popped up, and before I could get them closed there were forty more. I suspected immediately that I had been infected with a virus. I’m techno-savvy like that. After fiddling with it and running my antivirus software several times, I gave up and watched reruns of Will and Grace. This morning Jonathan woke me to ask if something weird was going on with the computer. I opened one eye long enough to convey a “yes”, because it was approximately 6:00 am, and who in their right mind is lucid at that hour? He took it in to the office and made a call to their computer genius William, who promptly confirmed my original diagnosis – a virus. In fact, many viruses. That around-the-block story all goes to say that if I have a few spelling or grammatical errors, don’t judge me. I’ve never typed an entire blog post using only my thumbs. It’s not as easy as it looks.

If I knew how to upload pictures into this post, which I clearly do not, I could show you photographic proof that we have indeed been in the water for the better part of this week. My laundry room is full of wet swimsuits hanging to dry. It is H-O-T this summer in Alabama, folks. We have survived only because of the splashpad and FWP (friends with pools). Today we hung out with our friends the Bostons at their home, and yesterday I took the girls to the splashpad, where I saw no less than eight pregnant women. Womenwho were in factso pregnant I was afraid we might see some birthing action right there in Gardendale. I have never felt so sorry for anyone in my entire life! Of course, they all seemed to be cool as a cucumber, while my non-pregnant self melted into a puddle on the sidewalk after ten minutes. But the littles had a ball, and that’s all that matters.

On a more solemn note, while we were swimming today, Jonathan called to tell me that my sweet little grandmother had a stroke this morning. She is 88-ish and has had a small stroke once before. From early indications, this one seems to be more severe. I am waiting to hear more on her condition from my dad once he arrives at the hospital. Will you add her to your prayer list today? She is my only living grandparent, so I sort of need her to hang around a little while longer! Thanks so much!

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