Perfect Party

This sweet boy, my nephew Tucker, turned five last week. This weekend we celebrated with a party at the fire station. Now I ask you, what five-year-old boy would not LOVE a party at a real live fire station with for real fire men?!? There is a cute, private little playground right next door to one of the local fire stations with a covered pavilion WITH CEILING FANS! Can I get an amen? Because it was June in Alabama, which means it was HOT! But those fans, God love ’em, kept it bearable for the parents while the kiddos had a ball on the playground. After they played a little while, we all headed next door to the fire station where the firemen were so kind and let the little ones get up in the fire trucks. They let them play on the fire truck as long as they wanted to in order to satisfy their curiosity and see all the mechanisms and contraptions. These kiddos thought it was WAY cool! It was a very fun party for a very fun little boy! Happy fifth birthday to our T-Tuck!


  1. Five years old! I love that age…SO sweet! The party sounded so fun! That God for those fans! LOL!

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