Well, I’ll Be A Monkey’s Uncle!

I finally caved. We went this morning and bought a family membership to the Birmingham Zoo. I have avoided it because of the smell. Well, that and because my girls have no interest in animals. They might even be a little afraid of them. But mainly it was because of the smell. But someone spilled the beans to my little one that they have a splash pad and a carousel. I’m not sure who it is that hates me that much, but whoever it is, please man up so that we can settle our differences once and for all. So we are now officially card-carrying members of the Birmingham Zoo, complete with a guest pass. Just so that we can enlighten another little girl whose mother has been keeping her in the dark as well. Misery loves company.

We didn’t really know what to expect because I will admit that I don’t think either of my girls have ever been to the zoo, outside of our trip there at Christmas to see the lighted displays we call Zoolight Safari. We took swimsuits and towels and our lunch. We did, I admit, have a very fun day. As it turns out, the animals are all in cages, therefore they cannot eat my children. I think that this was news to them. They were pleasantly surprised.

The splash pad, although undergoing some repairs, was quite nice as well. It even has a padded floor, which is helpful since Pitter Patter fell down about 614 times in her new water sandals. The girls had a ball, and I got to sit on a bench in the shade for an hour while they entertained themselves. This might work out for me, after all.

It turns our that we might acutually be big fans of the zoo. So, whoever told my little secret about the splash pad and carousel… the joke just might be on you! 🙂

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