The Decorating Files

I grew up with a mom who was an interior designer. Because of this, we always had lots of decorating magazines lying around our house. There were lots of random fabric swatches. And manilla folders full of torn out pages from decorating books and magazines. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, because I too keep lots of decorating ideas on hand.  With the invention of the internet and the ability to store digital photos in my computer, my images are not necessarily ‘lying around”, but they are easily accessible and I look through them often for inspiration. This first group of photos is country singer Alan Jackson’s home in Tennessee.
While the front view is breathtaking, my favorite parts of this property are the smaller, more quaint hideaways like this guest cottage:
I’m thirsting to sit on the back porch of this place! I sure hope there is a comfy porch swing back there.
And the inside is just as lovely as the outdoor setting. That painted entertainment center and stone fireplace! And cobalt cabinets with a farmhouse sink. Just perfect!
I love, love, love the ceiling inside the party house. Yes, a separate party house is what they have. How much would I adore a separate space devoted entirely to entertaining? Although this property is muy grandioso, it has a very comfortable and homey feel. Like you really could live there.The openness is freeing.
And that turquoise kitchen? Oh my! We need to see that a little more closely.
Turquoise cabinets and butcher block! Can I move in today, pretty please? And the Mexican tile floor is to die for. I love how these elements come together. It really, really works for me. Really!
Another gorgeous spot- the boathouse.  I mean, it’s just a boathouse, right?. How impressive can a boathouse be? Look…
And the outside sunning deck is just as peaceful.
Speaking of peaceful… would you like to join me at sunset here?
Pull your rocker up to the fire and let’s chat a while!
More from my designing files later. Happy weekend, all!

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