Den Delimma

Okay, so remember this post where I laid out my decorating dilemma? The design plans I had pored over for HOURS? The very plans that I finally decided I could not decide on (huh?) and so I had you all vote? And I loved your choices! So last week when I went back to actually purchase said fabrics, they were no longer available. What? Do you mean to tell me that fabrics sell out or are discontinued or WHATEVER? I can’t believe I didn’t know to be more timely in my fabric purchases or my selections will be GONE FOREVER! But, alas…
So now I am back to square one in the den. I have a few pieces that I amdefinitely keeping like my leather sofa and my entertainment center. Other than that, I need to add in several new upholstered seating pieces. What do you thing about this collection?


  1. have you been to nadeau in homewood? they have some awesome furniture at wholesale prices & get new shipments in all the time.

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