A Whole Lot of Nothing About Nothing In Particular

I must be in a writing funk because every time I sit down to blog, I end up looking around the internet, playing on facebook, checking twitter, and all kinds of other online time-vacuum. And then I get up and do a little laundry. And balance my checkbook. Maybe it’s just that the most interesting thing to happen around here today is that the neighbors are having a tree cut down by a man in a bucket truck. It would actually be pretty interesting to watch, except for the fact that it’s 59 degrees outside. I know that might not sound cold, but since it was 91 degrees last week, 59 feels a bit frigid. Maybe I should buy a parka. Since it’s May in Alabama I might be able to find one half price.

We braved the elements this morning to go to the grocery. It was time. If we hadn’t, my children would have had cheese quesadillas again for dinner. It would have been the third night in a row. Like I said, it was time. Now maybe we can branch out into all the many kiddie-food options we picked up like chicken nuggets or hot dogs. Oh, the variety of the food choices around here!

Bitty set a new record on her math speed drills. She shaved about 20 seconds off of her time, and is now down to 3 minutes and 8 seconds for 100 problems. She says the secret to her success is to relax and not get in a tizzy about it. Sounds like good advice that applies to pretty much any situation.

In other exciting news, Sissy is really into reruns of I Love Lucy. She is in the den right now watching VitaMeataVegamin. Oh, the funny! I’m sure that the comedic genius of Lucille Ball is pretty much lost on a two-year-old, but she watches it like it’s the funniest thing she has ever seen. And begs for it when it’s not on TV.

And now to continue my life-o’-thrills, I’m going to flip through the new Veritas Press catalog that came in the mail. I hear there is a new cursive writing workbook that is all the rage!

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