Treasure Seekers

My BittyGirl’s ballet program is one of my favorite events of the year. We are so fortunate to be a part of Briarwood Ballet. The Ballet was founded and is still run by Mrs. Barbara Barker. Mrs. Barker is the wife of Dr. Frank Barker, former pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church. The Briarwood Ballet is one of the ministries of the church. It has over 500 students. The things we love so much about it is the perspective from which they teach dance. The arts belong to God, who created them for His glory. And therefore, when we dance, we dance for Him. They begin every class with prayer, discussing prayer requests with each other.
This year’s program was called “Treasure Seekers”. The girls were seeking after the True Treasure with dance. They sang the sweetest version of “Lord, You Are More Precious Than Silver” and “You Are My all In All”. Each class was a different treasure from the sea. Our class was “coral”. We are so, so grateful for the ministry of Mrs. Barker and the Briarwood Ballet. I can’t even imagine how many young ladies she has blessed over the years through her ministry.

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