Free Bowling Fun

I wanted to pop in this morning to tell you about a fun opportunity that my friend Alison reminded me of. (Hi, Alison!) It is called “Kids Bowl Free”, and it is brought to you by your local bowling alleys. It is a summer bowling program for children, whereby the bowling alley will allow kids to bowl two free games every day (between specified dates and times). You can go to to see if your local bowling alley is participating, and then you can register online. You can read all about the program there, but the way it works is that when you sign up your child, they will email you coupons each Sunday that are good for two free games each day that week. You simply print the coupons and take them in with you when you go to the bowling alley. You do have to pay for shoe rental, but at our bowling alley shoes are oly $1.50. we used this program last year, as did several of our friends. We had lots of fun meeting at the bowling alley and letting the kids bowl while the moms chatted. Hope you find a participating bowling alley near you!

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