Easter Photos From the Botannical Gardens

The Reluctant Entertainer is doing a fun blog hop about what makes a home a home. This week’s topic is easter memories. To me, there is no better way to add a personal touch to your home than by surrounding yourself with family photos. Remember this post I did a few weeks ago about our artwork? Well, I certainly consider photographs to be works of art as well. And of course, there is no better time to take new family photos than at Easter. I try to take our photos somewhere interesting every year, and this year we went to the Birmingham Botannical Gardens. The flowers were GORGEOUS! The girls had matching Easter dresses from a family wedding last weekend. (You know that makes my heart smile.) The Gardens made a perfect backdrop for the photos that I will use in my home for the next several months. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

As you can see, I have fewer pictures of Pitter Patter. It was close to naptime, and she was having a few, ahem, “issues”. Hopefully that will be only a memory one day, too!


  1. What beautiful girls and great photos!

  2. Oh, I very much enjoyed your photos. Beautiful! And thanks for linking up at RE! 🙂

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