Tuesdays Unwrapped and Sweet Shot Day

It’s two, two, two blog parties in one!

Emily at Chatting at the Sky is sponsoring a linky party called Tuesdays Unwrapped. It’s all about pausing in the midst of the crazy lives we all lead to capture a moment that will one day be gone. It is about taking time to celebrate the everyday, because one day this season of life we are in right now will be gone. Sure, we will be on to another fun, precious season of life, but this stage will only be alive in memory.

I am also going to include this post in Darcy’s linky party called Sweet Shot Day. Darcy is the photographer/mom/homeschooler/etc over at My3Boybarians. Sweet Shot Day is a photography party showing your favorite shot of the week. My favorite is the one second one below of PitterPatter in her rocker.

This morning I dragged myself into the bathroom for a shower. It was early, but I wanted to get the day going. It is spring break around here, and we don’t want to waste it by sitting around the house watching TV. We want to get out and enjoy the time off from school. But first, I needed my caffeine and a shower. This is what I found, and it made my morning…

I know who put it there. The baby spoon is the evidence. And I’m sure that what happened was that she came into the bathroom looking for me (she always comes looking for me when I leave the room). She must have seen something she wanted to play with (probably the toilet paper roll), and this was the first place she saw to put her yogurt. Lord, thank you for messes like these. They are proof of a curious, delightful little girl who can so easily entertain herself by playing with toilet paper.
Here’s my little yogurt girl. I love those frog pajamas, and I know one day they will no longer fit, and she will move on to more grown-up attire. I love how she sat with her legs crossed in her little rocker that was mine when I was a child. I love how grown-up she thought she was beause she was “reading” stories to us out of her Bible. Precious, and I don’t want to forget it.
I love the yogurt girl’s big sister, too. She wore her new ice cream pajamas for the first time last night. She knew she looked so cute in them. (Sorry you can’t see them. She couldn’t be still, and there is only so much you can do with a camera phone, anyway!) I chose to include this photo because she spent an hour this morning hitting an orange balloon up in the air. She counted how many times she could hit it without it falling to the ground. Oh, the made-up games of childhood!
We are busy this week with spring break plans, so I might not be around much. We’ll have more memories to report next week.


  1. Adorable frog pjs!

  2. SmallWorld at Home says

    What a sweet post!

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