The Spring Break Chronicles: Day One

We are stay-cationing this spring break. We live in the largest city in our state, and there is enough to do around town to keep us busy for a week. Join us over the next few days for a recap of our daily adventures.
On Monday the girls really wanted to go somewhere fun. Bitty suggested Check E. Cheese. Since I would rather eat glass covered nails than spend the morning with the 412 unruly, unwatched, undisciplined, and unmannerly children who are at Chuck E. Cheese every time I have been there, I knew I better  think fast. “Hey, how about we go over to McWane and renew our membership?” Squeals of delight all around, and I didn’t have to pull out a single hair on my head in the process!
I don’t know if you have a children’s science center in your area, but we LOVE ours. My girls feel at home there because we have been so much. It is a terrific place to go during the cold, rainy months. When MA was little, she participated in lots of their day camps. They always have a science-related theme, so they are learning as they play.
We usually purchase a family membership with a guest pass so that we can take a friend with us. This morning when MA called her friend to ask her if she wanted to go with us her mom said, “I’m sorry, but we’re in line at Disneyworld.” Haha! Okay, so maybe a trip to McWane isn’t as fun as Disneyworld, but for $110 a year, its not bad.
They have this area that is only for kindergarten age and below. They usually allow MA to play with Sissy on the equipment, which makes my life SOOO much easier.
I guess they change out the exhibits occasionally because we have never seen this one before. Looks like Sissy might have a future in automobile engine repair.
The room of distortion is always fun. The room itself is a distorted shape so that when you see yourself on the monitor, it looks crazy. My girls love seeing themselves on camera, so the distorted room is one of their favorites.
McWane has lots of cool water features and games. My girls are always attracted to the water exhibits more than the other ones. By the time we leave, they are always ringing wet. They seem to think that riding home in wet clothes is a small price to pay for the fun you can have. One day I will learn to take a change of clothes for them.
Come back tomorrow to see what we did on day two.

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