Old Made New: Thrift Store Finds

I almost never have good luck finding good bargains at thrift stores. I have seen so many cute refurbished thrift store finds on blogs like Kimba’s DIY Day. I am in awe of the adorable things people have found at thrift stores or garage sales and then remade into something completely new. Maybe my eye has not been trained to see the potential in a good piece of furniture. But the other day my girls and I were in a neigboring town, one that has a thrift store known far and wide as a  real treasure chest of good buys. I think I might have found my first hidden treasure.

You might remember when I showed you Patterson’s nursery. One of the most special pieces in the nursery was a rocking chair that originally belonged to Jonathan’s great grandmother, Patterson’s great-great-grandmother.
Let’s just say that the age of the rocker finally got the best of it. One night while I was rocking Patterson to sleep, this happened…
A small fortune had already been spent trying to refurbish and refinish this chair, as it was not in usable shape when we got it. I think we should just mark it “beyond repair” and move on.
When we were at the thrift store I spotted a rocker. It looked like it was in pretty good shape, except for some worn spots and a place where it looked like a puppy had chewed it. Knowing I did not have the time or skill to strip it and stain it, I began trying to visualize how it would look painted. I LOVED Erika’s gold crib (Don’t skip that link – her nursery is gorgeous!!) the first time I saw it, and my wheels began spinning. Could I really pull it off?
And so last Saturday, this…
became this…
Here’s how it looks in the nursery…
By the way, the chair was stamped on the bottom. It turns out that it is a Nichols and Stone rocker, which sells for about $485 in fine furniture stores. Score! It cost me $20.
What do you think? Is the gold too much?
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  1. Julie Heriard Culpepper says

    NO WAY!!! I have one of those rockers and I hate it and wanted something different and this is beautiful! This is awesome Ashley! I love it!!

  2. Love it, Ash!

  3. What a great find! Love the gold color!

  4. Formerly-Corn in My Coffee Pot says

    That is so nice. I love how it looks in the nursery.

    Good deal on the rocker too. Way to go!

  5. Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures says

    I love the gold. I can't find anything at our thrift stores either.

  6. SweetMissMagnolia says

    love it-it goes great with the room! what an amazing find-I never have any luck in finding anything in thrift stores/yard sales either.GOOD JOB!

  7. This is just gorgeous and congrats on the find! I rarely find good thrift store finds.

  8. I think the gold is great – creative!

    Thanks for linking up at RE again! 🙂

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