A Humdinger of a Weekend

Our weekend was chock-full o’goodness, just the way we like it. It seemed like we moved from event to event to event, but they were all fun. On Friday morning, I took MA to see the ballet Peter Pan at the BJCC. It was done by the Birmingham Ballet, and I thought it was fantastic. Our seats were on about the fourth row. We were up close and personal with Captain Hook. So fun!

Friday night we had a homeschool program callen Taste of the Nations. Each child chose a country that they would like to study. We chose Mexico. We researhed our country and made a display about it. We made food that was representative of our country. We dressed in clothing from our country. On Friday night, we all came together for the program. Every child was given a “passport” with questions from each display. They had to go around and view the exhibits so that they could answer questions in the passport. They sampled the food at each exhibit. It was really a lot of fun for the kids, and I think they learned a lot about other cultures. It was cute to see how some children really got into it.

Saturday night we went to a dinner at our church with a missionary. Each year our church hosts a HUGE missions conference, and each Sunday school class is given a missionary to pamper for the week. Saturday night was a great time of getting to know our missionary and hear about the work he is doing in the world. We were able to gift him with some awesome resources he can use in his ministry. It was really cool to see how God is using him to reach people who would otherwise not hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday morning and Sunday evening we continued our missions conference. Dr. Ergun Caner spoke on Sunday morning. If you have never heard him, you must get online right now and download something by him. He is the only former muslim ever to lead an evangelical Christian seminary. He is president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He tells it like it is in the muslim world, and his testimony is powerful!

Sunday night we were challenged by Walker Moore, founder and president of Awe Star Ministries. Awe Star is a ministry that sends missionaries into some of the most dark and desolate places in the world. He inspired us to find our own place in ministry and to walk it out.

There you have it. Hope your weekend was dandy as well! Be back later with more…


  1. Did Dr. Caner speak last year?

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