Tuesdays are Workdays

Tuesdays are one of the very few days of the week that we don’t have any obligations or activities outside of our home. It has, therefore, become a day that we hunker down for schoolwork and house cleaning. We load up our lessons planner and our chore chart, and we stay inside during the winter months and get it all done. It actually works out well because it puts us ahead for the rest of the week. I like being ahead so much better than feeling like we have to catch up!

Today, since it’s 30-ish degrees outside and rainy, we built a fire and have spent the day reading about Marco Polo and China’s Silk Road, planting lavender seeds, reading Onion John, starting on our new math curriculum and getting through the first four lessons, making valentines, practicing piano, doing laundry and dishes, watching a DVD about properties of matter, playing with babydolls and animal bracelets, and making s’mores. I have worked on the blog (Do you like the new layout?) and Pitter Patter has practiced her new trick. She figured out how to jump. And actually leave the ground. She’s so proud!

Do you have a day that you use to play “catch-up”? Or “get-ahead”?

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