Step Sing 2010

Thank you all for your comments on the blog/emails/facebook comments yesterday about my decorating woes. I loved hearing all of your ideas and what you thought about each group. The funniest comment to me was that a particular grouping “looked like me”. That, my friends, implies that I have a “look”. What is my look? I certainly don’t know because I feel like I don’t have a style. Is that a universal feeling? Do you think you don’t really have a style either?
Anyhoo, I took this little lady last night to Step Sing at Samford. I have been wanting to take her for the last three years, and this is the first time it worked out for us to go. She’s my drama queen. Literally. As in, she loves theater. Musical theater, to be exact. So I knew she would be crazy about Step Sing. She didn’t really know what to expect because Step Sing can be sort of hard to dscribe to an eight year old. “It’s a show where sorority and fraternity and other campus groups all sing and dance and wear really cute costumes” just doesn’t pack the punch I was looking for. But as soon as the first group took the stage and started their number, she GOT it. And it was her kind of entertainment, indeed. They sang. They danced. They wore funny costumes with crazy make-up. They even gave us a ballot to rank our favorites. She would have given every single group a 5 if I had not talked her out of it. She loves the musical entertainment, and quality is no biggee to her. She’s a darling little thing, and I could learn a lot from how she always looks for the positive in things.God love her!
And best of all for her, she got to wear her new skirt that she has been DYING to wear. All in all, a memory-maker for the little one. And her mama.

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