I’m Rubbing Off On Him

This really makes me laugh! It’s no secret that I have certain OCD tendencies that compel me to crave order. I like everything to be in its place. In fact, I secretly wish that I could work in a grocery store stocking shelves so that I can put the cans in the proper place and turn them so that all the labels are facing outward so that customers can see them. I know, it’s crazy! Not that you can tell I have a need for order by looking at my house. The three other people I live with do not seem to even notice when things are strewn all over the house, much less pick them up. (Well, Jonathan picks up his stuff when he’s home. He’s just never home! 🙂 However, I did find this little happy, orderly shelf in my garage where Jonathan had put away some extra canned goods. I’m rubbing off on him. Do you notice how the cans are grouped together with like items, and all the labels are forward facing? Nice work, babe!

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