Happy New Year!

Yes, I know that discussing new year’s parties is so totally LAST WEEK, but I’m hoping you’ll bear with me for one more go-round.

We sent the girls home to Orange Beach with CC and Pop on Sunday after Christmas. That means I got TWO GLORIOUS DAYS to do whatever I wanted. I don’t exactly recall how all that glorious time was spent, but it did include a cleaning/organizing/errand/un-decorating rampage. I hope no animals or small children were harmed in said rampage, but I almost never get these things done without stepping over little people and their little objects, so I was pretty crazy.

On Tuesday Jonathan and I joined the little girls for a few days at the beach. We love hanging out at CC and Pop’s house because life is so relaxed there. We have no obligations, no schedules, and almost no cell service. We play board games and work jigsaw puzzles. We cook and sit on the porch swings looking out at the water. It’s heaven.

When we could relax no more, we packed up for the second leg of our after-holiday journey and headed to Mississippi. We have standing new years’ eve plans with our treasured group of friends at one friend’s family farm. We bring lots of yummy food to share The daddies stay outside around the fire pits overseeing the kiddos that are running WILD, while the mommies stay inside where it’s toasty, chatting it up. It’s one of our favorite things we do each year. It was almost a no-go this year, as Kat, our lovely hostess, is preggo and SICK, SICK, SICK. She had decided it was just too much until our dear friend Holli guilted her into it. I’m so proud of Holli for pulling out, “But my boys will be sooooooo disappointed!!!” Pure gold, Holli!

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