Year-End Wrap Up

Happy last day of 2009! This year has been good to us, or more accurately, this year God has been good to us. I have no complaints! That’s one of my resolutions – no more complaining. I have too much to be thankful for to waste time complaining about something that probably doesn’t deserve my attention anyway.

I have written about our homeschooling year-end, so I won’t rehash that. suffice it to say that we are so very pleased with our decision to homeschool again this year, and we are especially pleased with the progress our little student is making. We continue to be amazed at how much a second grader can learn when allowed to rise to her own capabilities. She is learning FAR more than I learned at her age, and she is able to understand FAR more than I would have ever expected.

Little Pitter Patter is growing by leaps and bounds. Her vocabulary is expanding, and she can have conversations with complete sentences. Never mind that we can’t always understand those sentences, but she knows what she is saying and if you ask her to repeat it, she will say the same thing again. The girl knows what she is trying to say, and how dare we not understand her!! She is sweet and LOVES her big sister! She wants to do everything Bitty does, and she gets very frustrated when she doesn’t do it correctly the first time. I don’t understand where she gets that!!! Haha!

Our family seems to be at a very settled place as we end this year, and that’s a good thing. Jonathan is working harder than he has ever worked, but he loves it. His new company is going well, and it’s been well worth the sacrifices we have had to make for him to get it going. We have decided what to do next year about schooling Mary Anneliese, so I know what she and I will be doing. We are becoming more and more ingrained in church life at Shades Mountain. It has been such a blessing to us, and the people we have met there are fast becoming some of our closest and best friends.

I haven’t finished my 52 in 52 list. Or rather, I guess I have finished, I just didn’t make the goal of reading 52 books in 2009. I will, however, set the same goal for 2010, and I can’t wait to get started.

I have some other thoughts swirling around about 2010 goals for myself. I’ll let you in on those as soon as I get them solidified in my mind. It’s so like me to set goals that are absolutely unattainable and then feel defeated because I wasn’t able to follow through. Maybe that should be one of my changes for the coming year… setting more realistic goals!!!

Do you make resolutions for each new year? If so, what are yours for 2010?

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