The Post In Which I Try To Top Yesterday’s Record

The day after Thanksgiving is such a great day to put up the Christmas tree. This year, we wanted to take our girls to a Christmas tree farm to choose and cut down a tree. We haven’t done that since Mary Anneliese was a baby, and Patterson has never done it. Patterson is at such a fun age this Christmas. It’s all new to her, and she gets so excited about everything. So off to Lazy Acres we went. Jonathan and his family have been going to Lazy Acres since he was a little boy. It’s a fabulous tree farm located in Chunky, Mississippi. (Can you believe they named the town “Chunky”? I’m sure there is a story there.)You ride in a sleigh to the tree farm. The sleigh driver gives you a saw and turns you loose. When you have your tree cut down, they pick it up and bag it for you and load it in your car. Lazy Acres also has a petting zoo. At least I think some chickens, a few goats, miniature horses, and a dog in a pen qualifies as a petting zoo. Lazy Acres, you could stand to take it up a notch in this particular area. But it was fun, and the girls had a ball.

Carter wasn’t too sure about it all.

Ready to make our selection.

As soon as we got off the sleigh, Mary Anneliese walked right up to this tree and declared it the best one on the farm.

George, however, must look at every single tree on the farm before deciding.

Guess which tree we ended up with. Of course, it was the one Mary Anneliese chose in the first 30 seconds off the sleigh.

Our little happy family. Quite content with our selection.

Cutting down a Christmas tree is hard work. It makes a girl sooo tired!

This is how Santa pulls his sleigh in the South!! Isn’t that funny?

We may be city slickers, but we know how to dress for a day in the country.

All that work makes for two sleepy little girls. Time to watch a movie and get a good nap.

It was a memory-making day for the girls. I hope they will look back on days like this and remember their childhood as a very happy time!


  1. The Youngbloods says

    Priceless! I love the boots!

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