Ho! Ho! Ho! is gone Bye! Bye! Bye!

Howdy, faithful readers! We’ve been away having Christmas. Ours was dandy, and I hope yours was too. This year little Pitter Patter is two years old, so it was her first year to really know what was going on. Oh, how fun it was to watch her experience it all. She is a big fan of Santa… from afar. She is NOT INTERESTED in getting too close.

CC and Pop were able to be with us this Christmas, which Mary Anneliese said “was the best thing about this Christmas.” Sweet girl.

I love to add homemade Christmas ornaments and decorations every year, and this year I found the cutest paint-it-yourself nativity sets at Hobby Lobby. I thought it would be a great way to teach Patterson the Christmas story, and I knew that whatever she painted would be so cute and crazy sloppy. She tried to paint each piece carefully and it turned out to be a treasure. I will love pulling it out each year and remembering how sweet she was painting it.

Mary Anneliese asked for a beret and scarf for Christmas. I’m afraid my little smocked-dress-wearing girl is being quickly replaced with a tween (although she’s only seven). I’m not ready for those days to be over, but she is more often choosing her own clothes. Sigh…

Baby Girl is rushing things, too. High heels already?

Who is this grown-up kid?

Santa brought us a new trampoline. The girls and I have already had so much fun on it. However, it’s now a lot harder than it used to be when I was a kid. 🙂 I wonder how many calories per hour you burn by jumping on it? By the way, he also brought us the side enclosure so that they can’t fall off, but they were too excited to wait on it to be put up. We let them jump a few minutes before making them get off so we could put the sides on. It makes my heart stop to look at this picture and see how close Patterson is to the edge!!!

The day after Christmas we went up to Bo’s house to have dinner and open presents with them. My girls love their cousins, and it’s so great to live near them again. The kids played with their new toys, and the adults played a four hour game of Mexican Train, which our family loves. Does your family like to play games?

All in all, I have to say this was the best Christmas ever. I hope yours was too! The Christmas season is our family’s favorite time of the year. We love to see it coming, but I have to admit that I love for it to be over. The business is fun for a while, but after a month of it, I’m always ready to settle down for a bit. So we’re off to the beach and then on to Mississippi to recover!! We love having the time off, but we’ll all be glad to be back in the swing of things early next week.

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