Happy Birthday, Sweet Jesus!

Our sweet little twin friends, Lauren and Sydney, invited us to a birthday party for Jesus today. I have always wanted to do this for my girls and their friends, and never seem to be able to fit it in with our hectic holiday schedule. I am so glad that their sweet mom Tina put it all together. It was such a fantastic reminder of the real reason for Christmas: the birth of the Christ child.

Since all of the girls didn’t know each other, as they arrived they played a game of Twister. How’s that for introducing yourself? “Hi, my name is Mary Anneliese. Excuse me for putting my elbow in your ear.”

They kids made an Eye of God ornament. The Eye of God is a symbol of the power of seeing and understanding unknown things. The four points represent earth, fire, air, and water. In making an Eye of God, we are expressing a prayer that the eye of God will watch over us (or the person we are making it for) and grant us (them) health, fortune, and a long life.

They also made the cutest Christmas ornaments out of old CDs. The hostess had painted the CDs green and brown. She gave each child some of those foam sticky shapes, and they made the cutest ornaments out of them. Next up was a game of Bible Bingo. It was a really cute version of Bingo where you had to answer a question to figure out which box you were covering. And they were all Bible questions. Let me tell you, those little girls know their Bible stuff!

The most precious little lady, grandmother to the twins, read the Max Lucado story The Crippled Lamb. Not only is the book a tear-jerker, but the sweet lady reading it had been a teacher for over sixty years. Can you imagine turning little hearts toward Jesus for that long!

After that, we all loaded up and headed over to the nursing home/retirement home to sing Christmas carols. It is the same one we took our little church girls on Wednesday night, and we sang to some of the same people. Those sweet people love some Christmas carols. They are the cutest things singing along to every word! after the girls finished singing, they went around and spoke to the resident. The residents just hugged them so big and told them how much thy enjoyed their singing. They were just darling!

Many thanks to Lauren, Sydney, and Tina for putting it together and inviting us! We had a ball!

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