Going For A Record On How Many Pictures I Can Fit Into One Post

Let’s face it, I know you would rather see photographic evidence of our Thanksgiving celebration than hear me drone on about it. Who am I to not give my readers exactly what they want?

Of course, we started off taking turns holding our sweet little Wyatt. He’s such a doll baby! He’s calm and peaceful, unlike his big cousin Patterson who tried to put her stroller in the bed with him when we weren’t looking. Just sharing, you know.

G and the guys are in charge of frying the turkey. If you haven’t ever fried a turkey, you just don’t know what you’re missing.

And then we all stand around and wait for the turkey to be done. The kids play outside. The guys talk about guy stuff. The ladies are in the kitchen giving the oven a workout and filling the table with delight.

Bitty loves her Uncle Ben Ben.

I think the feeling is mutual.

I snuck away from the kitchen to snap a few pictures outside.

Look at that golden deliciousness. I think I could eat a turkey sandwich right now, and it’s only 9:02 am.

I sooo wish I knew how to insert word bubbles in this picture. The one over G’s head would say, “When you fry a turkey, you heat the oil to 350 degrees…” Or maybe it’s “You see, Jackson, when you put a sprinkler in somebody’s yard…” Or my all-time favorite, “Let me tell you about my doors.” We love G. And his stories.

Here is what Wyatt thought of his first Thanksgiving.

Patterson is almost as big as Grandma Hill, but that doesn’t keep Grandma from wanting to hold her.

Patterson was the self-proclaimed Keeper of the Ice.

And the self-proclaimed Keeper of Wyatt. I think she really wanted to get into the stroller with him.

We have so much for which to be thankful. God has poured out his abundance on our family, and we know that He is the Giver of all good gifts. We give Him thanks and honor.

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