A Rainy Day At The Beach Is Better Than A Rainy Day At Home

We’ve been at the beach since late yesterday afternoon. We got here just in time to enjoy dinner prepared by Pop and Mary Anneliese. We had a new recipe of Shrimp Marinara, new potatoes, marinated cole slaw, and roll with honey butter. The honey butter is Mary Anneliese’s specialty. Her Sunday school teacher, Mrs. June, gave them the recipe when they were studying about John the Baptist eating wild honey. It’s delish, and I love for her to make it.

Today we ran a few errands, which ended up taking most of the day. It started raining while we were out and about, and it hasn’t stopped. In fact, it’s really pouring right now. Oh, well! At least I’m inside in a warm, dry house. We’ll make the next leg of our trip tomorrow as we travel to Mississippi.

Nighty night, all!

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