Weekend Recap

It was a big, big weekend for the Hill bunch! On Friday, we loaded up the bus and headed to Meridian for the weekend. First order of business was introducing myself to our new baby nephew Wyatt. Is this little thing adorable, or what?!? I could just squeeze him. In fact, I did squeeze him a couple of times. Or ten.

We hung out with the extended fam (all 16 of us!!!) on Friday night. Y’all, you can’t imagine what it’s like to bunk up with that many people for the weekend. Especially when 4 of them are under 2 years old. We had to draw straws for the baby beds. Baby monitors were lined up on the counter. We had ours set to the wrong channel and listened to the wrong child crying in the night. Toys and suitcases and blow-up mattresses were everywhere! It’s a fun chaos!

On Saturday, I headed over to see our friends the Longs, where I introduced myself to their new baby, Francie. Such a doll-baby!

While in town, I made a quick trip through town to visit my favorite little spots: Bella G, Peanut Gallery, the Spotted Pony, and the Funky Monkey. I got a good head start on Christmas shopping for the girls. Why is it that out-of-town gifts are so much fun?

Saturday night we went to one of our favorite homes in Meridian, the one belonging to the hilarious Betty and Richard Vise. It is a log cabin (is “cabin” really the correct term for a house that big?) that sits on a fairy-tale piece of property with the most beautiful private lake. We’ve been to many parties at the lovely Vise home, and it’s always a fantabulous time! This party did not disappoint! This particular party was for J’s brother Ben and his lovely bride-to-be, Lauren Reece. Do we love her? Umm, yeah! And we can’t wait for her to be an official member of the crazy Hill clan.

On Sunday we got up bright and early so that we could get home. That night we went to the Big White House (my parents’ house in Springville), for a little birthday get-together for my nephew Nick. He turned 13. Yikes!! A teenager!!

What started out as a simple birthday dinner, ended up as a ping pong challenge. Now, those of you who know my husband know that he has mad ping pong skills. He upset my brother, who was the reigning ping pong champion of his house. It was a hard fight, but Jonathan eventually won out at 22-20. It’s good to have something to fall back on. Perhaps if this granite thing doesn’t work out, he can become a professional ping pong-er. Because I’m sure there’s a ton of money in it!

We sure did miss worshipping at our church, but can’t wait to be back there next week.

All-in-all, it was a terrific weekend… the kind I’m very thankful to have.

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