Pitter Patter Turns Two

I can hardly believe it, but our little Patterson turned two on Sunday. To celebrate, we had a party for her at the carousel. A birthday party in our family usually means that tons of family will descend on our house. We had all of the grandparents in Birmingham for the weekend, and some very special friends turned out for the party. This little cutie is Piper. Piper’s daddy and Patterson’s daddy have been friends since kindergarten. I’m so thankful that the friendship continues.

The carousel turned out to be a fantastic place to have a birthday party. It’s easy peasy to do, and the kids LOVED riding the carousel. I’m not sure Patterson had ever ridden the carousel before, but the girl is a big, BIG fan of the horsies!

I was a big, BIG fan of the food. We had cupcakes (made by the sweet big sister of the birthday girl), oreo balls, and white chocolate brickle. Yummo! Check back later this week for recipes. It was all so simple, but just perfect for the day.

Saturday night, we had the Hill and Mills families for dinner at our house. We served crawfish stew, homemade cornbread, and leftover party goodies for dessert. Mary Anneliese had to take a history test, so we thought it would be funny to see if her daddy and grandparents could pass her history test. We made copies for everybody. As expected, Mary Anneliese made an A. The others? Not so good. They need to study up on their history of the Middle Ages.

On Sunday, most of us went to church together and heard a terrific message from Pastor Danny about Living Water. We went out for lunch afterward at Leonardo’s, one of my new favorite places. Shades Mountain and homemade authentic Italian – what could be better?

I think little Patterson had a great time. I know I did! We love to get our families together, and it makes our girls’ birthdays such special memories for them!

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