Book #21 Sarah, Plain and Tall

Sarah, Plain and Tall is a delightful story that I really enjoyed reading to Mary Anneliese. Although this book by Patricia MacLachlan was writte in 1985, it is set in the 1800’s. It is the heartwarming story of Anna and Caleb, siblings whose mother died and left their world quiet and sad. Their father, overcome by grief, no longer sings to them.

Their world becomes brighter, however, when their father writes away for a mail-order bride. Once again hopeful for happier times, Anna and Caleb anticipate Sarah’s arrival. What will she look like? Will she be kind like Mama? Will she like their dogs? Most importantly, will she sing to them? Sarah’s arrival opens them up to a whole new world that they never knew existed.

This is one of my favorite books for young readers. It is pure and uncomplicated.


  1. The Youngbloods says

    One of my favorites too!

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