Field Trip Day

I love field trips! I really do. Especially the ones to the Children’s Theater. Yesterday I took Mary Anneliese to the Birmingham Children’s Theater to see the Little Red Hen. It was a really cute production! The costumes at the Children’s Theater plays are out-of-this-world! They are fabulously detailed and larger than life. They make the show so much more dramatic! The story line was cute, but a little different than the book. The children thought it was uproariously funny, and they all seemed to really enjoy it.

After the Theater, we stopped by for a quick lunch at Chappy’s Deli. It was such a nice day that we sat outside on the patio. In Alabama, we have a very short window of time that we can sit outside because it’s either too cold or too darn HOT! So we can really appreciate the days when the weather is mild and beautiful.

Since Patterson was at home with CC (Thank you, CC!), Mary Anneliese and I went to the library, took some things back to the mall, and ran to Aldi and Publix. Just general errands, but it was nice to have the day with Mary Anneliese by herself.

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