We’re Swimming in Schoolwork!

Who knew second grade was so much work?!? I would love to blog everyday about the fun, fabulous things we are doing and learning, but the truth is, I just don’t have time! We stay so busy reading, learning, and playing that I can’t keep up with it all. Here’s a recap of where we are in the year…

In math, we are working on speed drills. We use flash cards everyday to go over addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. Unfortunately, we are at a point where we need to master these before we move on. Even though it is BORING, I really feel like it’s necessary so that she has a good grasp on the basic facts.

In Bible, we are doing an overview of the New Testament, reading the Bible from Genesis-Joshua, and learning memory verses every week. So far we are up to Leviticus. Do you need to know anything about the sin offering, cleansing the temple, or anointing Aaron and his sons? Because we sure can tell you all about it.

English is our busiest subject. We are learning the parts of speech and how to classify sentences. We learn a new poem every week. This week’s poem is Psalm 100. We have also learned Merry Sunshine, Who Has Seen the Wind?, and Whole Duty of Children. We write in our journal everyday. We read alone and read aloud from classic literature. We just finished Miss Hickory and Cheaper By The Dozen.

In Science, we just finished a unit of the universe, and now we are starting on the different classifications of rocks. We have been using Considering God’s Creation as our text, and I love it! We didn’t use an in-depth science curriculum last year, so we decided to step it up this year. It has been an awesome choice. We have a Bible lesson as part of every science lesson so that we can see how it all fits together.

In history we have learned about the Byzantine Empire and the rise of Islam. It has been very interesting and led to much discussion about what Muslims believe.

We are in full swing with ballet and started piano this week. Our children’s choir on Wednesday nights at church rounds out of fine arts curriculum for now. We might add more later. Mary Anneliese did go with her Gran to see Charlotte’s Web at the Riley Center in Meridian last week. She LOVED it!

Can you see why my blogging time has been scarce in the last couple of weeks? Whew! Time for bed. Goodnight!

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