Playground For Jesus

Click here to read about a fantastic God-sized project that my Sunday school class in Mississippi has undertaken. The Wesley House is a community services agency in Meridian that provides for the needs of the poor in any way they can. They provide food, school uniforms, tutoring, pay utility bills, give medical care, and many other valuable services to those who cannot afford to do it themselves. Jonathan served on the board of Wesley House when we lived in Mississippi, and we KNOW it to be an excellent steward of the monetary gifts they receive.

Our Sunday school class is in the midst of building a Playground for Jesus on site at Wesley House. This playground will serve as a safe place for children in the area to play. Unfortunately, the streets and even the homes of some of these children are not at all safe. This playground will give them a place to grow up in safety. But a playground is expensive. And our class is made up of young people raising families of their own, but that does not cause them to back down from a challenge. In Jesus’ Name, they have committed to raise the money and build something that these precious children can be proud of. Can you help by donating to this very worthy cause? If so, email me and I will give you the info on where to send your gifts. Thank you for seeing the needs of these children and doing something about it!

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