Baby Shower for Wyatt

One of the events that took us to Meridian for ten days was a baby shower for Jonathan’s sister Elizabeth. She and her husband Dylan are expecting little Wyatt in October, so a baby shower was definitely in order. And shower them, we did. I’m telling you, the girl racked up! And it’s a good thing she did since Wyatt is her first baby and, like all new moms, she had nothing.

It was a really sweet affair, held in our friends’ pool house. It was on a Sunday afternoon, so the food wasn’t too heavy. We served a few finger sandwiches, egg salad and cucumber. One friend made the most delicate melt-in-your-mouth tea cakes, half filled with raspberry jam and the other with butter cream icing. Another lady made scrumptious chocolate/caramel/brownie/whipping cream fabulosity served in shot glasses. And these weren’t just any shot glasses. They were the most whimsical, etched shot glasses with polka dots and stripes and swirls. Very fun, indeed.

She had lots of friends who came, and many more who couldn’t come. The flu is going around her group of friends. Since so many of them had been exposed to it, she had lots of friends who thought it best to stay away. While we missed them, we certainly appreciate their thoughtfulness in not exposing little Wyatt or his mama to the flu.

All in all, it was a really fun day. I think Elizabeth and Dylan are now well-stocked and have all the equipment they need to take care of a little one. We’re just waiting on him to make his appearance!

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