Class of 1989

OK, so I know I am so behind in blogging! The problem is, I have been out having fun so that I’ll have something to blog about. First big event was my high school reunion. When I was actually IN high school and looked forward to my 20 year reunion, I thought I would be really old. I mean, seriously, I would be almost 40! (gasp!) These days, 40 doesn’t seem very old at all, and I certainly don’t feel like an old woman. I think the rest of the Northview High School Class of 1989 agrees. They are still quite the lively bunch!We started with a party on Friday night at a place called The District. It was our first time to see each other since the last reunion ten years earlier. I remember thinking at our ten year reunion that not much had changed since high school. This time it was SOO different. I didn’t even recognize some people, and I’m sure they didn’t recognize me. Even some people’s personalities had changed. Some who were quiet and shy in high school were now outgoing and chatty. There were many nice changes. As a group, I think we are doing pretty well.Saturday afternoon we had Family Day at the school. This was the first time I had seen the inside of my school in 20 years, and it was fun to take Jonathan inside the walls. So much of it was exactly the same. They had added a new convocations building, which is probably much-needed and well-used. The gym still smells the same! Saturday night was a large event at the Dothan Country Club. We had a really fun band that played all the 80’s music we could stand. We took a class picture. And we socialized with each other until they kicked us out.
I was so glad to be reunited with all of my class, but most especially my little group of girls that I hung out with. Some souldn’t be there, but many of us were, and it was so good to be surrounded by them, hearing stories about their lives in the last 20 years, and retelling old stories. We still do pretty well keeping up with each other, even though we are spread out over Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, and beyond. Those girls are my “for life” friends!

It was a weekend I really looked forward to and wouldn’t have missed for anything!

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