The Charlotte Mason Solution to Scripture Memory

Here is the solution that has made Scripture memory much easier for our family. I pray that it will work for your family as well. I really mean that! I pray that these posts encourage you to make memorizing God’s Word a regular part of your family life.

Step One: Get an index card box and forty-one tabbed dividers that fit inside it. It doesn’t matter if the dividers have letters on them; you can flip them over and use the other side for labeling.

Step Two: Label the dividers as follows and place them in the box in this order:

1 divider — Daily
1 divider — Odd
1 divider — Even
7 dividers — Days of the Week (Sunday, Monday, etc.)
31 dividers — Numbered 1-31

Step Three: Copy onto index cards (or slips of paper) any verses your family already knows. Record both the reference and the text of the passage. If you don’t know any yet, don’t worry — you will very soon. Place the verses you already know behind the numbered dividers (the cards labeled 1-31), distributing them evenly.

Next write cards or papers for verses you want to memorize. If you need some suggestions on verses to memorize, leave me a comment and I’ll post a list of ones we have used. Put one verse card or paper behind the Daily divider; this will be the passage you’ll work on memorizing first. Then stack the rest of the verses to be learned in front of the Daily divider to learn at a later time. At the beginning, you won’t have any verses in the Odd and Even or Days of the Week slots. Don’t worry, they’ll fill in; see the next two steps.

Step Four: Each day you will say together the verses behind four dividers:

Odd or Even
Day of the Week
Date of the Month
So if today is Tuesday, the 3rd, you will say the verses behind Daily, Odd (because 3is an odd number), Tuesday, and 3. The next day (Wednesday, the 4th), you will say the verses behind Daily, Even, Wednesday, and 4. Keep in mind that only the verse behind Daily is a new one that you are memorizing; all the others are just review.

Step Five: As you master the verses behind the Daily divider, advance that card and move the replaced verses farther back in the box. So when you have memorized a Daily, move it behind either the Odd or Even divider. Move the verse that was in that Odd or Even slot back to a Day of the Week slot. And move the verse it replaces in the Day of the Week slot back behind a numbered divider. You can then put a new verse or passage to memorize behind the Daily divider and you’re ready to go again.

In this way, you will review a new verse every day, then graduate to every other day, once a week, and finally, once a month. Use the system every day of the month and you will review all the verses you know every month of the year! Of course, not all months have thirty-one days; the verses behind 31 will be reviewed seven months out of the year. We recommend putting verses that you know quite well behind that number since it gets reviewed less frequently.

When you have advanced enough verse cards that you have one placed behind each numbered divider, start at 1 again and add another card to each. Soon you’ll have several cards behind each numbered divider. And eventually, you’ll have memorized so many verses that you’ll have enough cards to expand to two boxes! What a wonderful milestone that will be!

May God bless the reading and memorizing of is Word.


  1. Wow. A system! Just what a distractable mama needs. Thank you so much for posting this!

  2. Thank you so much for linking to this page on my hub. Your method is very thorough. I’m sure it works very well. Consistency is really the key with learning anything. Hiding God’s word in our hearts will always pay rich dividends.

  3. Just found your page on Pinterest, and this is so helpful!!!! I have an almost three-year-old and a baby, and i’ve Been struggling to even have my own devotions each day. I love this simple system. I’m going to start it just for myself, and hopefully with my boys soon too 🙂

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      So glad you found it. We have used this for years. My girls are now 16 and 10 and know a lot of scripture.

  4. Jacy McCormack says

    Thank you for sharing! If you still have a list of the scriptures you have memorized, I would love a copy!


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