(Not So) Lazy Saturday

Boy, did we have a busy Saturday around our house. Jonathan’s parents were here, and they always come prepared to WORK. This time, they came with a truck full of azaleas, hydrangeas, and a beautiful red Japanese maple for our yard. They got started early Saturday morning, long before Miss Patterson woke for the day. But when she finally graced us all with her presence, she sat at the front door and watched our yard dudes while she ate her breakfast.

She watched intently while they dug and planted. In the rain.

See the little beauty that is now in my front yard…

I planted this little spot all by myself! Aren’t you proud of me? Well, you should be. This was after the rain, so the dirt looks a little washed away, but I’ll have them looking pretty again as soon as dries up outside.

The best part of the day for Mary Anneliese was when we banished the guys to the back porch for lunch because they were too dirty to come inside. She played waitress and invited them to dine in her restaurant. Since we were having nachos, it was a Mexican joint. I was the cook. Here’s the ticket she brought me…

torteos (tortillas)
meet (meat)
sower cream (sour cream)
tocobell sausa (Taco Bell salsa)
shreded chees (shredded cheese)
coke zero

It was a great weekend, and the yard looks terrific!

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