Memorial Day Menu

There are several holidays during the year that seem to revolve around food for our family. Memorial Day is one of them. We really don’t have traditions for what we do on those days, but we do have our favorite menu. And today was no exception.

Jonathan smoked chicken breasts on his electric smoker. He brushed them with lemon butter and coated them with a generous amount of Bad Byron’s Butt Rub (go to to see where you can purchase it). He left them on the smoker for about 4 1/2 hours, and they came out perfect! I dipped mine in Sticky Fingers’ Carolina Sweet barbecue sauce.

For our side item, we had barbecue baked beans. I like my baked beans a little sweet and a little smokey, so I added hamburger meat, maple syrup, honey, barbecue sauce, and a chopped vidalia onion. If I’d had a green bell pepper and some bacon, I would have added those too.

We eat salad at almost every meal, but our holiday salad is different than what I usually make. I don;t know why it has to be different, but we just have our tradition and like to stick to it. We start with iceberg lettuce and add mushrooms and green onions. For the dressing, I mix mayonnaise and sour cream and add in some garlic salt. Well, okay, a lot of garlic salt. The more garlic-ey the better. Put that on the salad. Sprinkle it all with parmesan cheese.

Serve all that with garlic butter barbecue bread, and you’re set! It was so good that I might have it again for dinner.

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