End-of-the School-Year Celebration

Mary Anneliese and I just finished our first year together as a home schooling team, and we survived. In fact, we way more than survived – we THRIVED. It was such a fabulous year. She learned so much that I didn’t even know it was possible to teach a first-grader. Who knew that six-year-olds would even be interested in Egyptian pharaohs, fractions, musicals, bees, and memorizing poetry? I am worn out, but elated and on a major high about our first year together. After praying it through, Jonathan and I have decided to home school again next year. I can’t wait!

To celebrate the end of the hard but rewarding year we have had, Mary Anneliese and I took a little fun trip over to Atlanta. We sent Patterson to Gran’s house for the week and left poor Jonathan at home working and we hit the road.

Our first stop was lunch at The Varsity. We love good food, and The Varsity always delivers. It has become a family tradition of sorts to eat there when we are in Atlanta. A frosted orange is one of God’s best ideas. And the onion rings aren’t bad either. No wonder they have been in business for over 80 years!

The main attraction on this trip was the King Tut exhibit. The show featured over 130 items from the Early, Middle and Late Kingdom periods of Egyptian history. We saw marble statues and busts of Nefertiti, Akenhaten, Thutmose and Hatshepsut. I didn’t even know who those people were before reading Story of the World this year, but now I find it fascinating. The tour ended with artifacts taken from King Tut’s tomb when it was excavated by Howard Carter in 1922. We saw jewelry, his bed, a model boat, and more statuary. It was amazing, and at the same time very sad. The pharaohs built unbelievable burial chambers and filled them with some of the most valuable riches this world has to offer in an attempt to take it with them to the afterlife. They really believed that they would be reincarnated and would have all of this “stuff” when they rose again to help them in their new reincarnated life. There is no indication that they knew or had any relationship with the One True God. Their desire to amass treasure is so futile and silly in the light of the real Treasure.

After such a “heavy” destination, our next stop was to the American Girls doll store. It’s paradise for a little girl! We got a really cute new outfit for her Bitty baby.

After a spin on the carousel, we were pretty tired and ready to call it a day!

Next stop was Auntie Anne’s house where we spent the night. It is so nice to have family to stay with while we are in Atlanta, and we always have so much fun visiting with Auntie Anne and Uncle Larry. They got a new hot tub a little while back, and Mary Anneliese had a great time playing in it. In fact, she told me that it was one of her favorite parts of the trip. Thanks to Auntie Anne and Uncle Larry for such a fun place to stay.

Bright and early the next morning (OK, so it was more like 11:00) we headed to the Atlanta Children’s Museum. We have been there before, and it’s always lots of fun. The Children’s Museum has so many exhibits that foster kids’ creativity. I love that Mary Anneliese has to think and imagine while we are there. In this picture, she is at the medieval dress-up set. And, yes, she is tap-dancing. They have a fabulous stage where the kids can dress up and tap dance on stage. They are surrounded by mirrors so they can watch themselves perform. And the adults sit on seats and watch like a real audience.

We had a great trip. It was a fitting celebration to cap off a fabulous school year. After a short summer break, we’ll be looking forward to starting again in the fall!

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