Book #7 Fool Me Once by Fern Michaels

After reading the classics, I thought I needed a light, easy read for my next book. After reading about two chapters, I was amazed to find out that I missed the classics. I probably should have put this book down and picked up something else. However, I seem to have a somewhat obsessive issue with starting a book and not finishing it. I just can’t do it! And so I read Fool Me Once.

It’s the story of Olivia Lowell, pet photographer and heiress to one of the largest mail-order fortunes in the country. Only she doesn’t know she’s wealthy because she never knew her mother, whom her father told Olivia had died when Olivia was born. She meets an attorney who has been appointed executer of the estate of a dog who was left a ton of money by its owner. They fall in love and get married… yada, yada, yada. Oh, good grief! I spent hours finishing this book, and it’s all about dogs. Can I tell you how embarrassed I am to admit that I read this book?!?

Next up is a good classic.


  1. Gwen Wyatt says

    This is the first book I have read by Fern Michaels. Excellent book. Really enjoyed it. Is there any sequels that follow it?
    Thank You
    Gwen Wyatt

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