Serve Your Sister

I’m so glad that God gives us the command to “not give up meeting together.” Can I tell you how much I love my Sunday school family and how much they mean to me?! What a fantastic evening I had the other night with my sisters at a party we called “Serve Your Sister”. Though these sisters are not flesh and blood, they are my sisters in Christ, and I could not be more grateful for them. When you spend as much time together as we do, you get to know people intimately and share their joys and struggles. What a blessing, as God did not intend for us to carry joys OR struggles alone.

One of our dear sisters, Suzanne, though only 36 years old, is in the thick of her fight with breast cancer. Now, you have never met a sweeter, kinder, more precious friend than my friend Suzanne. She does not deserve this battle (does anyone who has been stricken with cancer?). But I can see that the reason God allowed it to happen to her is because He knew she would be a vessel for His glory. And boy is she! She has her own blog that she writes almost daily. She never fails to praise Him and speak His Word over her situation. She’s a joy! She’s at the stage of her chemo where her hair has fallen out. And, God love her, she had BEAUTIFUL long hair. But hair is hair and it will grow back. Until then, we had the most fun selecting hats and scarves for her and giving them to her at our Serve Your Sister party. And she’s so precious that she even took off her own hat (exposing her bald head – big, big, big for her) to try them all on. She looked darling in every one of them! That girl was made to wear hats! And what a joy to brighten her day a little.

We have another dear lady in our class whose husband is away for three months being treated for an addiction. She is so precious to stick by him while he is healing, but in the meantime, she has children to feed. We were able to bring enough casseroles to fill her freezer. Now when she comes home at night after working and hauling kids around, she can just pull something out of the freezer and have a great meal on the table with little effort. LOVE it!!

And just because life gets hard sometimes and everybody needs a little happy, we all brought a $5 gift to exchange with each other. I got the sweetest bookmark for my Bible.

I hope that you are a part of a group that looks out for you like this group does for our family. We have taken care of and been taken care of by these sweet friends for three years, and we all have the best time doing it. It is so nice to know that come what may, they’ve got my back.

Jesus said in Matthew 20, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave – just as the Son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

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