Book #3 Bridge to Terabithia

I haven’t read this book since I was in elementary school. I had forgotten how it ends. I wish I had remembered before I chose it again. It is the story of young Jess Aarons and his dear friend Leslie Burke. Both having creative minds, they build a fort where magical things come to life through their imaginations. Terabithia becomes their solace from an often cruel life. And then tragedy strikes. I will not give away the ending, but it will tear your heart out. Be prepared. Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson won the Newberry award in 1978, a year after it was published. Paterson also won a Newberry three years later for her work Jacob Have I Loved. Bridge to Terabithia was made into a movie in 2007 starring Josh Hutcherson as Jess Aarons and AnnaSophia Robb as Leslie Burke.

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