Mary Anneliese’s 7th Birthday Party

Last Saturday was a very busy day for our family. We started out with an Upward basketball game, which Mary Anneliese cheered for. I have had the priviledge of coaching this little squad, and they are the sweetest bunch of little girls! After the game, we moved on to Mary Anneliese’s birthday party at the bowling alley. Apparently, bowling is the favorite pasttime of 7-year-olds because they had a BLAST! They were so funny trying to get the ball down the lane. The ball was as big as most of the girls. That night, most of our family came to our house for a birthday dinner. Jonathan grilled shishkabobs, and they were so good, but the company was even better. It was a terrific day for our favorite seven-year-old!


  1. amyandcarltonwatt says

    Looks like a FUN party! She is the cutest cheerleader I have ever seen! She is really growing up quickly!

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