How I Benefitted from a Failing Economy

I really do hate that the economy is the way that it is. I realize that people are losing their jobs and worrying about how to provide for their families. It just makes me sick for them. I also hate to see businesses closing. You know I have a heart for small businesses, and I want to see them all succeed.

All that said, I have done my part to stimulate the economy in the last couple of days. My girls have been at their grandmothers since Wednesday, and I have been making the most of my time. I was SOOO behind in projects around our house, but especially Patterson’s nursery (yes, she did just turn one.) It’s just hard to get those things done while you have a little one in the house, at least one as precocious as mine. Anyhoo, every store I have been in has been running great sales. I simply cannot believe how many projects I purchased supplies for at dirt cheap prices.

As stated earlier, I had a lot to get done and only a few short days to accomplish it all. So I had to get creative with my creating. Things are done, but not really “finished”, know what I mean? I had to cut some major corners and do things fast and easy, not necessarily properly. If you are a professional designer, just stop reading now. Mom, this includes you (she’s a professional – degree and all). For those of you who don’t mind a little redneck decorating, read on. You’re dying to see pictures aren’t you?

I finished the canopy on Patterson’s bed.

Here’s the finished room. I also made the window treatment today.

Look at the cute fringe I found half price.

This is my favorite thing in the room, although I didn’t make it. Mary Anneliese painted these for her sister when I was pregnant. Isn’t that so sweet?

I didn’t make this either, but I wanted you to see how cute it is!


  1. amyandcarltonwatt says

    Everything looks soo cute! I love it! Her room is fit for a little princess!

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