Dance Days

Today was parents’ watch day at Briarwood Ballet. You would not believe how hard they work with these girls, and how much the girls learn! I was amazed that the girls knew all the French terms, and what they mean in English. We got to watch for the entire class. The sweetest part is their ending dance. They get in a circle and hold hands. They say, “God’s love is like a circle because it has no beginning and has no end.” They walk in a circle and say, “God’s love is all around us.” They all scrunch to the middle and say, “He can show us His love in small ways. ” They stretch the circle out and say, “Or in big ways.” Then they turn to the neighbors on each side and say, “Thank you for dancing with me today.” They face their teacher and say, “Thank you, Mrs. Meredith, for teaching me today.” Then they hold their arms up and say, “Thank you, Jesus, for our class today.” Here are a few pictures and a video. By the way, Mrs. Meredith is almost 9 months pregnant and still dancing!! Today was her last day.

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